“Signs, signs, everywhere are signs.”

Your identity matters, and we can help!

Branding your vehicles provides a great return on your advertising investment. Graphic ID can ensure your fleet is consistent in helping you build a recognizable brand.

Whether you are starting a project from scratch, retrofitting an existing display, or wanting to build a new display to match existing displays, Graphic ID can help!




Graphic ID has been recognized with award winning national design. We can help you with your project from start to finish.

We’re more than just signs and decals. We can also assist you with business cards, brochures, posters, and more!

From product photography and image editing, Graphic ID can help keep your branding consistent across every aspect.

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Customer Feedback

“I was in search of a new partner to handle the fleet graphics and jobsite sign needs for eciGroup and our affiliated construction companies: eciConstruction, eciWireless, eciService and MidState Mechanical & Electrical.  After my initial phone call and meeting I knew that I had found the right person and company to help us. It was evident that I was lucky to find Wray and Graphic ID.  Now after three months of working with Wray, and over a dozen jobs completed, I am even happier than I thought I’d be. The quality of work and service we are receiving is top notch.  We have found a keeper.
-Billy Eichelberger, VP & CFO – eciGroup”

“I have worked with Wray at Graphic ID Studios for about 8 years now. Wray provides excellent customer service and even better products. He stands behind his work and takes great pride in everything he does.”
-Alexandria H.

“Professional work at competitive price. Will be using their services again.”

– Mike Guinn.

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